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Online shopping can be a challenge! not anymore.Problem:Many US retailers do not ship overseas
Those who do ship internationally charge very high shipping rates
UCS Net Shopper is your simple, practical and low-cost solution for online shopping.

What does it do?

NetShopper provides you with the possibility to order anything online and benefit from the same merchandise selection, pricing, and discounts as US residents. We ensure the delivery of US goods right to your doorstep. NS saves you time, effort and money with a unique and innovative international forwarding service that makes the whole process simple and accessible to all. You can order online anything your heart desires, you don’t have to be in the USA now that we are there for you!

Freight: Air, Sea, Land shipping

Customs clearance

Third Party Shipping, Logistics and Distribution

Online Shopping

How does it work?

We will provide you with your own personal mailing address in the US. It’s a street address accepted by online shops as a valid shipping destination. All your personal and business packages: Internet orders, gifts, DVDs, Books, magazine subscriptions, bank statements, samples, small packages and much more, will be accepted there. We will forward them to your home or office in Lebanon.You will also enjoy many other advantages: NetShopper account holders benefit from very low international shipping rates with none of the complications associated with international shipping. Should you have difficulties with payments; NS will locate, order, and pay for the items.

Not sure how much would it cost you?

Use our calculator to find out!


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